Gnu Digital Signal Processor Simulator. The goal is to develop a DSP Simulator for Linux. The first chip supported will be the TMS320C54x. Most of the opcodes are dissassembled correctly. Many of the opcodes are simulated corrected. gDSPsim requires gtk 1.2 or higher to compile. You will also need GtkExtra to compile (used for plotting). If you are interested in this program or need help with it, don't hesitate to email me: Please put gDSPsim or something in the subject, so that I don't ignore it. To use the tool, currently you'll need a C54x executable to load. You can compile binutils for the C54x and compile the test program in gDSPsim's test directory to try things out. See the FAQ for more details.

Work is starting on the TMS320C55x but it still needs a lot of work to be useful for non-developers.

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